Guide to Bias Tape

Hello Blossoms, new and experienced!  You may be here because you’re making the Sunberry Swirl or you may have just Googled “bias tape.”   Either way, welcome, and I hope this helps.

I don’t really have anything earth-shattering to add to the internet about bias tape.  There are already so many great resources out there.

How about I make a list to make it easier for you?  Browse and learn.

From Sew4Home: Bias Tape: How to Make It and Attach It

From Made: Just Making 40 Yards of Bias Tape Over Here ( also with links to related previous posts)

From Coletterie: How To Make Bias Tape – piecing method (also with a link to another method)

From Birch Fabrics: Bias Tape Tutorial (with just one fat quarter)


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