The Sunberry Swirl Top/Twirl Dress Pattern

Happy Spring, Blossoms!  Well, it’s the first day of Spring tomorrow, but who’s checking?

If you haven’t already, you simply MUST get your hands on a Sunberry Swirl and make one for your little girl’s Spring wardrobe.

This pattern comes with two options.  There is a top with a ruffled heart pocket.



And there is also a tiered twirl dress fit for any ballerina.  My five-year-old is always checking on the spin factor of a dress and this one is 100% approved. 🙂



This dress has a few unique features.  The ruffle topping the pretty little sweetheart bodice is knit and many of the testers noted that their daughter loved the soft knit next to the skin.  Don’t let the knit scare you away!  It’s just a ruffled strip and it would be a great way to start getting over your hesitance to work with knits (if you are, indeed, hesitant).  If you’re just not ready for knits, there is always the option to leave the ruffle off and I also explain in the FAQ section of the pattern how to switch it out for woven.

More design features: removable ties, an elasticized back panel and a back loop for an adjustable fit.



The bodice is fully lined, so no exposed seams in the back or sides for those with sensory sensitivities. 

As always, there are clear illustrations and instructions to guide you through.

Take the Sunberry Swirl out for a spin today!




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