Sweet Tea Shorties Picture Tutorial (View A)

If you have the Sweet Tea Shorties pattern and aren’t so comfortable with just the illustrations, I will be referencing the pattern and providing some photos for you.

Here are my pieces all cut out and ready to sew.


Well, almost ready.  That dern roly knit is going to give me trouble.  It’s almost inevitable that if you don’t do a rolled hem on a serger, that your knits are going have roly edges.  That can look cute when they are being worn, but it’s not cute to wrestle with roly knit while sewing.  I took my 4 strips to my ironing board and starched those suckers.


Don’t laugh.  My ironing board decided it doesn’t want to stand up any more and I haven’t yet replaced it, so I iron on the floor for the time being.

The knit looks better now, yes?


Here is the step at the top of page 4 where you pin your knit strips onto your shortie pieces.


And here is what your two pieces will look like after the ruffles are attached.  If you like more ruffled ruffles, just make the length of your strips longer.  I wouldn’t recommend making them more than twice the width of the bottom of the shortie pieces.  But it’s all about YOUR taste.  You can cut them longer, run your gathering stitch, pin and see if you like them that fluffy.  If not, just cut some off, tie a knot in your threads on that end and stretch your gathers back out along the extra thread tails on the other end.


This photo shows the shortie pieces with ruffles attached, laying right sides together before I sew the front and back seams as in illustration 1.


And here is a close-up of my back seam with the two lines of stitching for extra strength.  No splitting seams on my active little girl, please.


The next pictures demonstrate illustration 2, sewing the crotch.


Something I don’t mention in my pattern is that when I put this through my machine, I line up the seams, but I point one seam allowance toward my needle and the other away to lessen bulk.  It’s a quilter’s trick called nesting seams.



Just trim around that curve if there are some messy bits.  You can also even up the bottom edges of your ruffles if you need to.

Last few steps.

Use your stretch stitch to sew all the way around your top folded and ironed edge, making a casing for your elastic.  Using a safety pin attached to one end, thread the elastic through.


I use a zig-zag stitch to attach my elastic ends to each other once the elastic is in the casing.


Lastly, if you don’t have fancy tags, you can just pick a bit of pretty ribbon and stick it in there before you zig-zag the casing shut.  Then your little miss (or mister if you did these sans ruffles) can easily dress themselves.



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