Sweet Tea Shorties into Bubble Shorties

I’ve been feeling creative lately.  I feel that way a lot, but this is a bit different.  My latest creative urges have been leaning towards modification.  I betcha it’s related to my pledge over on my personal sewing blog, The Pretty Pickle, not to buy any more patterns or fabric until I sew up quite a bit of what I have.  This means, if I get a hankering to sew something different than a pattern I own, I have to figure out a way to modify what I have instead of buying something new.

Bubble shorts seem to be the new craze.  I think they are cute, but I really don’t prefer mine super-billowy.  I do like the idea of the banded bottom with the looser top portion.

And guess what?  I don’t like ruffles all the time.  Can you believe it, Blossoms?  It’s true.

So here’s what I did and how you can do it too.

I used my Sweet Tea Shorties pattern (View A, the loose ones).


Here’s what you need to do to make these.  When cutting your shorts, you can cut your child’s size, or even go one size up for a more bubbly look.  Shorten them by about two sizes.  So that means, if you are cutting a size 4, make the inseam only as long as the size 2, for example.

You only need to cut two strips of fabric for the bottom.  I used a nice, springy lycra/cotton blend and cut two strips, 2″ wide by a length that is 1″ – 1.5″ less than the measurement of the bottom of the shorty leg.  Lay one of the leg pieces right side up.  Fold the strip in half and align the long raw edges of the strip with the edge of the bottom of the shorty leg.  So, the fold of the strip will be pointing up toward the waist.  Pin the strip at each end and then stretch it to fit as you sew it on with 1/4″ seam allowance.  Once you are finished, flip the folded part of the strip down and continue with the rest of the construction of the shorties.

If you don’t like the seam going all the way through the band.  You can opt to construct your Shorties first, sew the strips of fabric into circles before you fold them in half, turn the shorts inside out, stretch the folded band to fit the leg openings and pin before you sew.  I like the finished result better this way, it’s just a little more trouble.

ImageMy girl enjoyed wearing hers out to lunch and to the zoo. 🙂


Here is another pair I did, also with View A, but with these, I cut the accent fabric the same length as the bottom edge of the shorty leg, so there would be no bubbling, just a band at the bottom.  I also cut these about 3″ thick. for a different look.



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