The Candy Carousel Dress

Thanks for participating in the giveaway, Blossoms!  

It is my pleasure to introduce to you all the newest pattern in the shop, the Candy Carousel Dress.



Here’s Molly, so you can see the pattern a little better.


This dress has an opening in the front bodice from the neckline to the waist where you thread one of two tie options through a button hole for a super-cute closure.  This dress is not cinched in at the waist, so it has a very vintage swingy look to it.  It will be a great transition piece from Summer to Fall, just make it one size bigger and you’ll have room to grow and to put a shirt underneath, or make your child’s current size and throw a cardi over it when the nights start getting chilly.

Another fun design element in this dress is the solid skirt back and paneled skirt front with the ruffle that goes all the way around the bottom and ties it all together.  You can see a little better in this picture…



Not only can you put two different tie options on the front of the dress, but you could easily add a sash in the side seams if you prefer a cinched back.  

And guess what?  I’m going to be doing a blog feature that includes this dress in a tunic length and demonstrating a button and thread loop closure.

And guess what else?  I will be joining forces with Brownie Goose to show you just how awesome the Candy Carousel Dress is when paired with the Lola Bells.  Super-especially cute for Fall.

In the meantime, you can check out the Brownie Goose pattern shop here and try to wait patiently for the fun things that are coming!



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