Fall Duo – Featuring the Brownie Goose Lola Bells

Good morning, Blossoms!

Have I got a treat for you today.  I get to introduce you to Amy Norris of Brownie Goose.

The backstory: My husband is a Radiologist.  He just completed his five year internship and residency in the program at the University of Mississippi.  We are both Georgians and were pretty sad to leave home when we found out we had been placed in Jackson.  God knew what He was doing though (duh!) and I was fortunate enough to be in a city with a lovely group of other displaced residents’ wives.  Amy and I were both in that group.  She was already making money from selling her handmade clothing for kids and I was juuuuuuust starting to get hooked on sewing for my first little girl.  We discovered along the way that we both had Georgia on our minds and had both gone to UGA as well.  Now we are both back in our home state and continuing to pursue our sewing for fun and work (which is also fun).

Now that she is a pattern designer with a huge following and I have also now ventured into pattern design, I can say, “I knew her when…”

I also get the chance to  capitalize  collaborate today and pair her fabulous Lola Bells with my brand new Candy Carousel Dress.  We know that back to school and Fall are already taking over the home sewist’s mind, so we wanted to do something transitional.

Without further ado… I know y’all are like, show us the pictures already!


I made the Candy Carousel Dress as a tunic and I switched out the tie closure for four buttons.  I used a gorgeous Anna Maria Horner velveteen for the bodice to lean towards cold weather.  I used a really soft linen-look ikat print for the pants, which, by the way, sew up so quickly!


The swingy shape of the tunic is perfect for the wide leg of the Lola’s.  Look at how they move.


I love it!

So, you can see that this looks cute with a cardi over it too…


There’s those buttons.  (Pay no mind to the “tattoo” on her cheek) I’ll have a tutorial up tomorrow on how to do the tunic length and substitute the buttons for the tie options.  If you haven’t seen the original version of the dress, go to the blog post with the pattern introduction.  You’ll see more pictures, including line drawings of both options and a glimpse at the back.

Ok, one more shot and then I need to show you what Amy did with these two patterns.


Ready for Amy’s interpretation now?  She is the queen of subtle awesomeness.  Where I use a loud print, she chooses a solid or pin dot.


So awesome, right?!  I don’t think I would have ever made the Candy Carousel Dress in only one fabric, but I really adore this one.  You get anther bonus this week, because Amy will have a tutorial for the stripe down the side of the Lola Bell’s up on her blog as well.  Read more about her outfit HERE.

Now, on to even MORE good stuff.  Not only did we just have fun with each other’s patterns, but we have decided to offer them to y’all as a two-pattern package in each of our Etsy shops until the end of the day, Saturday, August 3rd.  If you buy the package, you’ll get both patterns for 35% off of the regular price.

Think of the possibilities.  You have a dress, a tunic, a bow, a Cutie Tie or buttons.  You have a wide-leg pant that can be made in denim for every day, in linen, in a crazy Ikat print (hehe) and can be zhuzhed up with eyelet trim on the bottom or a line of trim down the side.

I know you want to get yours, so click HERE to buy it in the Molly Blossom shop or HERE to get it in the Brownie Goose shop.


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