The Candy Carousel Tunic with Buttons – a tutorial

Are you ready to make your Candy Carousel Dress pattern more versatile?

First things first.  You will be cutting some things differently to get a tunic length instead of a dress length.

Here is what I did.  I cut the length and width for the top tier of the front of the skirt as per the cutting chart.  Then, I duplicated that piece in the same fabric to be the back.  Then I cut the ruffle as per the cutting chart and attached the ruffle directly to the top tier front and back.  There you have it!

Now for the changes to the bodice.  I tried to take this into Fall by using velveteen.  You could use corduroy, linen, minky, whatever you think would be cute.  If you do choose a thicker outer fabric, be sure your lining is still a thin cotton.  I used the last of my Goodwill bed sheet for mine. 🙂

Now for the thread loops. You need to pause before topstitching or basting the bodice lining and focus fabric because we are going to get in between them to make our thread loops for the buttons.

First, lay out your bodice and overlap the front right over the front left by 1/2″.

I happen to have button head pins, so I stuck pins into my front right bodice to see where I would like the buttons to be.  You can, of course, choose whatever increments you want based on your personal taste and the size of your buttons.


Mine happen to be one inch apart, starting at the top corner of the right bodice piece where it overlaps.


I then used the pins to mark where my thread loops would be, but you could also use a washable sewing marker or tailor’s chalk on the bodice lining.

Now, thread your needle with whatever color thread you like.  You could even use embroidery thread if you prefer.  Knot the ends.

Separate the lining from the outer right front bodice fabric and push your needle from the inside aiming for the space in between the fabrics, the seam.


Then put your needle back into the seam just a little distance from where you exited.  This totally depends on your button size, but you can see in the photos what I did .


Pull the thread until you have a loop that is just BARELY going to fit over your button.  If the button goes in easily, it will come out easily.  Ask me why I know this.

Once you have pulled it to a good sized loop, you will repeat the process again.


Knot the thread on the inside so the loop won’t budge when you shove the button through.

Repeat at each marking.

Another option is to follow the alternative way of making a more vintage style thread loop with your sewing machine outlined in the pattern itself.

Go ahead with your topstitching and basting (make sure you have the right front over the left front!) and continue to put the rest of your tunic together, following the pattern instructions.

Sew your buttons on and enjoy!



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