Show and Tell

I don’t want y’all to feel like you are buying the Sew Fab Bundle and not know you are making  a good investment.  Even though it’s a little over $1 per pattern (26 patterns for $29.95), I know you probably wouldn’t buy them all individually.  For me at least, last year when I bought the bundle, I picked out 4-5 patterns that I knew I was really interested in and that made it worth it to me.  Everything else was just a bonus.

At the end of this post, you’ll have a chance to buy the bundle for yourself and when you do buy through my blog, I get a portion of the sale.  Thanks for your support!

Let’s look at one of the patterns more closely today, shall we?

Here is the Figgy’s Nitunia swing coat.


I have admired the uniqueness of this pattern designer since first discovering her.  The patterns are sure to make your child look fashionable and make your sewing look anything but “home sewn” if you know what I mean.

Until Shelly, the designer behind Figgy’s offered her Banyan Tee and Pant AND the Scirocco Dress in the last Sew Fab sale, I hadn’t wanted to part with the $16 it takes to buy a Figgy’s paper pattern. (check it out, now she has e-patterns for $10!)  After scoring Banyan and Scirocco and making both, I was super excited to see Nitunia in this year’s sale.

This jacket has two options, a reversible jacket with bound edges, or a lined jacket as well as two pocket options.

I chose to sew the lined jacket.


(Don’t ask me why I picked these pants for the photo.  In my head, they looked good with this outfit and by the time we got outside, there was no going back inside to pick a different pair.)

Overall, the pattern was confusing when I first read through it (as every good sewist should), but was clear when I actually had the fabric cut and began to work through the steps.  I did get flummoxed when it came to the welt pockets, probably because I was trying to do it quickly WITH my 3-year-old in my sewing room.  I could have added patch pockets, but chose to leave them off entirely.

The pleat is a stylish detail, but I think my favorite thing about the coat is the hood.  I left the lining free to roll to the outside a little because I love the hearts and it’s fun for them to peek out a bit.



I feel like a coat is not really on a list of sewing goals for a beginner, but I think an experienced beginner could definitely complete this.  I made mine in fleece and flannel for a more casual coat my 3-year-old could cuddle up in, but there are endless combinations to achieve different looks.

Speaking of different looks, my daughter kept trying different faces for the camera.  She says she’s excited to take pictures again next time so she can make more faces.  hehe.


If you are ready to start on your own Nitunia,

If you have no idea what bundle I’ve been talking about, read all the details here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another review, more photos and more cuteness!


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