Hello, Sally

I love vintage little girl dresses.  I love the full skirts, I love the shaped bodices, the bows…. but I do particularly love a pocket.

I saw a little teaser picture of a pattern in the works and immediately fell in love with the vintage vibe of the oversized pockets.  That was several weeks ago, and now, that little sneak peek is a finished pattern called the Sally Dress and lo and behold, it’s included in the Sew Fab Bundle!  Boy, was I excited to see it there!?

So, of course, I had to make one.  I’ve had this adorable Hello Kitty fabric for a few weeks and didn’t really want to mix it up with other fabrics.  I just wanted it to stand on it’s own and be the cuteness it was destined to be.  Hello Kitty and Sally turned out to be a perfect match, in my opinion.

photo 1-2


You can get your own Sally Dress pattern over at LuvInTheMommyhood or you can just get it along with all the other patterns in the Sew Fab bundle.  (But only until the morning of October 8th!)

photo 4-1            photo 3-3             photo 2-2


After I let my 5-year-old try on her new tunic (I made it shorter so she could wear it to school with leggings.  She loves a dress, but they aren’t practical at the playground.) she woudn’t take it off.  Cheddar bunnies and grapes for snack seemed to her to be the perfect compliment to her new frock.  She wore it to school the next day and was just as cute as a button and as proud as a peacock.

Take a look at my previous blog posts if you’d like to see more of my makes from the Sew Fab bundle.  I’m still sewing more of them every day and I’ll have something else to show you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Hello, Sally

  1. I love this and I have some of the Hello Kitty fabric and I had been wondering what I was going to do with it. Now if I can find the cute purple and pink dots to go with…this is one totally awesome dress!

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