The Fabulousness Continues Even After the Bundle is Gone

With this many patterns available to you in one fell swoop, you’ll be doing plenty of sewing long after the deal has finished.  If you are the one who has been waiting until you were fully convinced before you give up your $29.95, now is the time.  This is the last full day this particular pattern bundle will ever be offered.

Here are all the things I’ve made sew far.  (heh heh)


Top Left (continuing clockwise): Sally Dress, Nitunia Coat, Bimaa Sweater, Candy Carousel Dresses


Infinity Sweater, (top right to bottom right) Junebug tunic, Fancy Pants leggings, Underwear pattern by the Red Kitchen

Since I haven’t shown you the Junebug tunic I made.  Let me give you a couple more full-sized shots of this adorable pattern.

I used the free tutorial before this was ever even a full-blown multi-sized pattern to make an Easter dress for my youngest girl.


She’s worn it several times since, styled different ways.


and layered for Fall:


I’m so happy that Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional made her tutorial into a pattern and that it is now in my stash because I can now make these in bigger sizes as my little one grows.

I think I’ll try a sleeve on the next one. 🙂

Now I’ll link you back to the original post with all the details about the Sew Fab pattern bundle so you can see all the patterns AND ENTER THE GIVEAWAY.  Don’t forget to do that if you haven’t already.  There’s no purchase required to win the prizes.

HERE is the original post that includes the link to purchase and the giveaway. 

Procrastinators, this is the Monday you’ve all been waiting for.  If you do finally get your bundle today, you don’t have to sew everything right away, ok?  (although you might be so excited that you just have to sew a few things immediately)  Most of the patterns included are not season specific and will be useful to you over time.

Alright, I’m off to work on even more sewing.  I’ve got two nearly finished projects and I need to cut out the fabric I was just inspired to make into a Junebug dress.  See you later, Blossoms!


2 thoughts on “The Fabulousness Continues Even After the Bundle is Gone

  1. I bought mine and love all the stuff you made! Very inspiring! Am sewing a Sally already! Unrelated to the bundle, which pattern did you use for those super cute denim ruffle pants in the last pic please? They are so gorgeous, I want to make some for my Boo!

    • I am so slow to respond because I just saw this comment was waiting to be approved. Sorry about that. I have made so many pairs of ruffles, I couldn’t tell you what pattern these are. I do love them in dark denim with a gold topstitch though. These are a favorite pair of mine.

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