Magnolia Breeze in ITY knit

Magnolia Breeze in ITY knit

I had to take a break from working on my Magnolia Breeze wide-leg pant pattern for the Sew Fab sale and now I’m trying to get myself motivated to pick the pattern back up again. Sometimes it’s easier to motivate myself to sew than it is to motivate myself to sit at the computer and make edits.
So I thought, why not try these in knit and see what happens?

I learned that I had to take them in quite a lot and that going down two sizes from what you use for woven isn’t a bad idea. I also slimmed down the leg for these, so I just had a slight flare.

They are extremely comfortable and venturing dangerously into pajama zone. I think I can get away with wearing them during the day as long as I dress them up with cute shoes and jewelry.

Alright, unless I can find some more excuses, I guess I’d better get back to pattern editing so you can start making your own Magnolias.


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